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We all love vehicles and transportation! They give us the freedom that we want and deserve.  At this point in life, we really can’t live without them…

So what do we do if they break down? Let’s find out!

50 amp is a service where two parallel 50-amp circuits are wired to give you 120/240VAC output and this means
In general, a 30-amp service generator should be sized at around 3,600-watts (which is the maximum that this service allows),
Why would a Check Engine light come up after the oil change? Check Engine light will come ON briefly after
The Check Engine light usually does NOT come ON without good reason! If it keeps coming back ON, this means
A normal, mileage-related needed oil change will NOT trigger and light the Check Engine notification. Only if your oil is
If you are wondering if brake fluid can cause the Check Engine light to come ON, the answer is NO,
It is quite a concern if your brake light or ABS light comes ON because it is the number one
When the Check Engine light is flashing (as opposed to it being simply ON), it means that a catalytic converter
If your tail lights are not working, there are a few causes behind it with the most popular being -
If your dashboard and car lights are flickering and flashing this means there is a problem with the electrical system.

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