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I am Catherine Mikhailov and welcome to my vehicle troubleshooting guide! I put together a team of professionals to answer the most common questions about some of the transportation types that we love and enjoy.

We will be covering anything related to Cars, RVs (Campers, Trailers), Boats, and Planes. Hope you will find our work very useful.

At your service,

Catherine (or Kate, for short) and her team.

Who are we? We are a bunch of serious-minded people with a good sense of humor! Why? Because in life…

“… we can only memorize things that we can laugh about!”

Yes, all problems are real and they will be solved (eventually), but the experiences that we share along the way are truly PRICELESS!

This is why our motto is:

“DON’T forget to LIVE while you WORK!”

And we follow it VERY seriously! ????

Editorial Team:


  • Education: Polytechnic University of Russia
  • Profession: Electrician (TV Repairman)
  • Hobbies: Likes to read books in his spare time and fix anything that is broken (cars, appliances, you name it…)

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David Castillo

  • Education: Electronics and fuel management systems
  • Profession: Founder of Arkoracing Argentina and a well-known car repair garage & tuning shop
  • Hobbies: Enjoys racing cars and playing tennis

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